Drug Offences

Man laying unconscious on a stretcher while two paramedics perform CPR, representing drug overdoses and good samaritan laws in Canada
Drug Offences

Application of “Good Samaritan” Drug Law Under the Microscope

Police officer on a motorcycle watching a house, representing search warrants in Ontario
Drug Offences

Court of Appeal Finds “Innocent Explanation” for Misstatement in Search Warrant Information

Buds of marijuana in a glass jar, representing witness credibility in criminal drug cases.
Drug Offences

The Impact of Witness Credibility in a Criminal Trial

Person with handcuffs representing a court being able to stay proceedings in a drug case due to entrapment
Drug Offences

Entrapment – Can I Get my Charges Thrown Out?

Charter Rights

Supreme Court Creates Stricter Test for Warrantless Searches During Arrest at Home

drug charges dropped
Drug Offences

Drug Possession Charges Dropping in Ontario

Drug Offences

Drug Possession Charges


Wrongfully Convicted Woman Acquitted Following Flawed Hair Test

Drug Offences

Proposed Legislation to Decrease Drug Penalties and Increase Penalties for Firearm Offences

Courts & Trials

Police Officer Sentenced to 12 Months in Jail for Death of Woman in Custody