Sexual Offences

photo of lab technician examining a sample representing DNA testing in sexual assault cases
Sexual Offences

Defending Against Sexual Assault Charges

Black and white photo of doctor's examination tools on the wall, representing false memories in sexual assault cases
Sexual Offences

False Memories and Witness Credibility at Trial

child closing eyes

How is the Credibility of a Child Witness Assessed?

Charter Rights

Provisions of the National Sex Offender Registry Struck Down

HIV image representing sexual assault charges set aside
Sexual Offences

Sexual Assault Conviction Set Aside Due to Zero Risk of HIV Transmission

A stack of two journals with coloured pencils on top, representing a sexual assault complainant's journals
Sexual Offences

Personal Journals as Evidence in Sexual Assault Cases

Leaf caught on a fence

Sexual Assault Conviction Set Aside Over Hearsay Evidence

Clothing rack in a fashion retailor
Sexual Offences

Sexual Assault & Forcible Confinement: Peter Nygård to Face Canadian Charges Before Extradition


Supreme Court Clarifies the Issue of Capacity to Consent in Sexual Assault Cases


St. Michael’s College Student Found Guilty of Sexual Assault