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An assault is the application of force or the threat of force against another individual without their consent and without legal justification or excuse. Assaults can range in severity and can occur with or without a weapon. When a weapon is involved the penalties can be far more serious. The weapon does not actually need to be used in the assault for a charge to be filed against you and almost anything can be considered a weapon. A baseball bat is not a weapon if it is used to play baseball, but if it is knowingly waved in someone’s direction it can constitute an assault with a weapon. Merely having a weapon openly on your person while taking part in an assault can be grounds for a more serious charge to be laid against you.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, your history and the severity of the charge, you could be facing significant jail time. A conviction for assault will go on your criminal record and will have lasting consequences that may seriously affect your future.

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At Barrison Law, our lawyers have many years of experience defending clients against all different types of assault charges. Some of the more common charges include:

No matter the severity of the charge, it is never advisable to face these types of criminal charges on your own. Because of the serious consequences attached to an assault conviction, it is always prudent to seek the help of a lawyer experienced in defending assault charges. Our lawyers will meet with you in person to understand the unique facts of your case. We will assess your situation and advise you of any possible defences. We are not afraid to fight vigorously for your rights at trial and we will ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome given the circumstances of your case.

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