Production of Drugs
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Oshawa Lawyers Defending Drug Production Charges

The production of drugs is punishable under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and can include jail time and other penalties. You could be charged with producing methamphetamine or other controlled substances regardless of the quantity of drugs you are found with.  Mandatory minimum jail sentences may apply if you are convicted of production of drugs and will be dependent on the facts of the situation, including your prior criminal history and the amounts involved. The law defines production of drugs very broadly, and it can refer to many different things from growing or harvesting large quantities of marijuana plants to ‘cooking’ methamphetamine.

Experienced Criminal Lawyers Defending Marijuana Grow-Op Charges 

Production of drugs not only includes the person actually growing or producing the drug, but can also apply to the owner of a property who knowingly allows others to use that property to produce illegal drugs, or to anyone who assists in any way beyond the actual act of production.

It is important to note that actual knowledge is not necessary for there to be a conviction for most drug offences. Even ‘suspecting’ that drug activity is taking place could be enough to convict a person for production of drugs if the other aspects of the offence are being committed. Deliberate ignorance or willful blindness are not acceptable defences to drug charges so it is vitally important to have skilled counsel defending your case.

The lawyers at Barrison Law have significant experience defending production of drugs charges. One of our partners was previously a standing agent for Public Prosecution Service of Canada, which gives him a unique experience and perspective in this area. Because the consequences of being convicted of a production of drugs offence can have such a detrimental effect on your future, it is important to never face these types of charges alone. A drug charge can have a dramatic effect on your life – a conviction can lead to serious immigration and employment consequences. Having a strong legal advocate with by your side can help you to avoid a harsh sentence and protect your rights. 

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