Weapons Offences

Oshawa Weapons Offences Lawyers

In the Criminal Code of Canada, there are many offences involving the possession or use of weapons. Generally speaking, it is illegal to carry concealed weapons in public places. What constitutes a weapon is also very dependent on the facts and the purpose for which a particular object was used. A firearm will almost always be considered a weapon. Knives and baseball bats can be considered weapons based on the context in which they are used. Even objects such as rocks, bottles and nail files can be considered weapons. Almost anything can be used as a weapon, even if it was not designed for that purpose.

The Crown takes weapons offences seriously. Both minor weapons charges and more serious offences involving handguns and other firearms can carry onerous penalties. When confronted with such criminal charges, it is important to work with an experienced lawyer to protect your rights and freedoms.

At Barrison Law¸ we provide criminal defence representation for clients facing weapons charges in Oshawa and throughout the Durham Region and Central East Region of Ontario. We appreciate the seriousness of these charges, and we provide equally serious defence to help minimize the impact that a conviction could have on the lives of our clients.

Comprehensive Defence Against Weapons Charges

Our Oshawa criminal defence lawyers represent clients charged with anything from minor weapons offences to the most severe firearms offences such as:

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