Possession & Trafficking
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Lawyers Defending Against Possession of Drugs In Whitby, Pickering And Ajax

The possession of illegal drugs and other controlled substances is punishable under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act and the Criminal Code of Canada and convictions can result in jail or prison time and heavy fines.

A charge of possession requires that a person have knowledge and control of the substance. The words “knowledge” and “control” in the context of these charges are technically defined, and their definitions have been developed through years of case law. This area of the law is quite complex, so it is important to hire an experienced lawyer who knows the intricacies of the law in this area. One of our partners used to be a standing agent for Public Prosecution Service of Canada, which gives him a unique perspective and special expertise in these types of cases.

The severity of the charges laid against you varies based on the type and the quantity of the substance involved, as well as the purpose for which you were in possession of the substance. Many people are not aware that a conviction for a drug offence can have serious immigration consequences, even if you do not serve any jail time. Any finding of guilt can destroy your ability to cross the border into the United States.

Oshawa Lawyers Fight Drug Trafficking & Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking Charges

In Canada, the definition of drug trafficking is extremely broad. It can include selling, giving, transferring, administering, delivering, offering to sell and many others. It applies to a range of different drugs, and can even cover substances that are not illegal but are held out to be illegal drugs, such as selling a substance which is held out to be cocaine but is in fact only crushed aspirin, for example. People who assist those who traffic drugs can also be charged as a party to the offence.

Depending on the type of drug and the amount in question, a drug trafficking conviction can result in very serious consequences, including many years in jail or prison. Many of the charges carry mandatory minimum jail sentences.

At Barrison Law, our lawyers are highly experienced in having drug charges reduced. No matter how small the charge, it is never advisable to face these types of charges alone. A criminal defence lawyer experienced in defending drug charges can help reduce the charge against you, negotiate a less significant sentence, or even have the charges withdrawn.

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