Dangerous Driving & Flight From Police
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Oshawa Lawyers Defending Against Dangerous Driving Charges

Dangerous driving is a marked departure from the normal standard of driving. It means driving dangerously without regard to the other users of the road and is a Criminal Code offence. A charge of dangerous driving is a much more serious offence and carries harsher penalties than careless driving which is a Highway Traffic Act offence. A dangerous driving conviction can result in a criminal record and an automatic one year licence suspension. Depending on the facts of your case, you may even face jail time and/or fines especially if your charge involves bodily harm or death.

The lawyers at Barrison Law provide a strategic defence strategy against dangerous driving charges and are often able to reduce the charge to careless driving, which is a far less severe conviction. Unlike dangerous driving, careless driving is not a criminal offence and does not result in a criminal record. It also does not lead to an automatic suspension of your licence. Our lawyers have significant experience dealing with dangerous driving and other driving offences and can help you obtain the best possible outcome.

Experienced Lawyers Defending Flight from Police Charges

Flight from a police officer is a serious Criminal Code offence. If you fail to stop for a police officer within a reasonable time, or run from the police if they are pursuing you, you can be charged with flight from police. If you are found guilty, a conviction will result in a criminal record, and may involve a fine or even jail time.

The lawyers at Barrison Law have many years of experience fighting dangerous driving and flight from police charges. When we meet with you, we will assess your case and work with you to put forward the best possible defence. Our lawyers provide knowledgeable and experienced criminal defence for clients facing dangerous driving charges in Oshawa and throughout the Durham Region and Central East Region in Ontario.

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