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Oshawa Lawyers Defending Robbery Charges

Robbery is one of the more serious offences in the Criminal Code of Canada. Robbery refers to taking property, or attempting to take property, by use of force, violence or threats of violence. Robbery encompasses a range of situations, from pushing someone down and taking their iPod to armed robbery of a bank. Essentially, a theft or attempted theft which involves an assault can be considered to be a criminal robbery offence.

Robbery is a violent offence. As a result, the Crown will often seek to have you held in custody, without bail, pending your trial.

Experienced Representation For Robbery Offences

Many factors can affect the severity of a robbery charge, including a previous criminal record, the use of any weapons, the degree of violence used, any injuries that may have been cause to the complainant or the value of the stolen property.

If you are convicted of a robbery offence involving a firearm, or an imitation firearm, you will be facing a mandatory jail sentence of at least 5 years upon conviction if it is a first offence. For repeat offences, the consequences will be more severe.

Given the severity of the potential consequences of being charged with a robbery offence, it is always advisable to seek the help of experienced defence counsel to protect your rights. The lawyers at Barrison Law have years of experience successfully defending clients against robbery charges. We will work with you to develop the most effective defence strategy given the specific circumstances of your case. Our lawyers have developed a reputation for integrity and professionalism, which allows us to negotiate with the Crown in appropriate circumstances.

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