Breach of Court Orders

Oshawa Breach of Probation Lawyers

If you have been charged with breach of probation or bail conditions, you are in a difficult situation. Without exceptional representation, you could be facing extended jail time and other penalties, with fewer options for court leniency on an ongoing basis.

At Barrison Law, we represent clients accused of breaching conditions associated with bail and probation. From our Oshawa law office, we present clients throughout the Durham Region, the Greater Toronto Area and other points east of Ontario. Since our firm’s founding in 1992, we have been building a reputation for dedicated, professional representation in a range of criminal defence matters.

Breach of Court Orders

Our lawyers represent clients accused of the following breach of probation violations:

  • Failure to pay restitution
  • Failure to complete court-ordered counseling
  • Failure to report to the probation officer
  • Associating with people in violation of no-contact conditions
  • Curfew violations
  • Consuming alcohol or drugs in breach of court orders
  • Failure to notify the court of address changes

Although most forms of breach of probation do not involve substantive crimes in and of themselves, the Crown considers them to be an aggravating factor. A custodial sentence (or jail) is a common outcome of many probation violations.

Breach of Undertaking and Recognizance

Similar to probation, bail comes with conditions that the offender must follow. There may be curfew limitations, court appearance requirements, no-contact orders and rules against possessing illegal drugs or firearms. A number of other potential court orders can accompany bail, as well. Recognizance is a court-ordered bond whereby a person pledges to perform a specific act, such as appearing at court on a specific day, keeping the peace, or paying a debt.

Breach of undertaking and recognizance usually results in repeat appearance at a bail hearings.

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