Break & Enter
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Oshawa Lawyers Defending Break And Enter Charges

Break and Enter charges will be laid in cases where a person enters or trespasses onto private property, such as a dwelling house or a commercial place of business, with the intention of committing a criminal offence. There is no need to actually “break” anything or force entry. For a break and enter conviction, no actual damage to the property need actually occur. Walking through an open door can be considered a break and enter. The most serious form of break and enter is a “home invasion”, which occurs when an accused breaks and enters a property knowing that there are people present and is prepared to use force against them.

A break and enter offence usually occurs when someone is attempting to steal property, but the charge can be laid without any theft. There are a number of other related offences in the Criminal Code of Canada, such as:

  • Theft while breaking and entering
  • Unlawfully in a dwelling house
  • Definitions re entrance
  • Possession of break-in instruments 

Skilled Defence Lawyers Protect Your Rights In Break And Enter Cases 

The Courts have taken a harsh view on sentencing break and enter offences, especially if it involves a dwelling house. Breaking and entering into a dwelling house usually attracts higher penalties, especially if there are significant aggravating factors such as home invasions.

If you are facing a break and enter charge, even a minor one, it is important to obtain the advice of a lawyer who has experience defending these types of charges and who will fight for your rights.

At Barrison Law, we are available when you need us most. When you schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled Oshawa defence lawyers, we will take the time to get to learn all of the important details of your case so that we can put forward the best possible defence on your behalf. 

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